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Mulberry here can you be my first d

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The mulberry was kind of a mythical fruit for me, something that existed only in fairy tales, not in the real world.

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It was not until I was in my twenties that I encountered an actual mulberry tree loaded with ripe fruit. To start, mulberries grow on a tree, not a bush.

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The first time you see a mulberry fruit, you military piss think you are looking at a blackberry with a bunch of tiny purple-black spheres stuck together into one compound fruit. But this resemblance mt superficial—mulberries differ from blackberries.

Mulberry tree branches are completely thornless without the prickly spikes that make harvesting wild blackberries such a challenge. Mulberries taste sweet and juicy, with lots of delicate fruity notes.

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Most varieties turn purple-black at maturity, and these types generally have a sweet flavor, with just a touch of tartness that gives a nice herd to their sweetness. There are also some mulberry varieties with fruits that are whitish at maturity. The flavor of these is also sweet and fruity, but lacking in any tartness.

Opinions of the white-fruited varieties vary—some people enjoy them, while others find the lack of any tartness to balance the sweet dirst the berries a cloying sugary taste. This is a great fruit for kids. As the little girl grew, so did her tree, becoming more and more productive, providing more berries for her to eat each year.

Your fingertips quickly get stained purple-red from the intensely pigmented mulberry juice squirting onto your fingers. Some children—and adults—take advantage of this to decorate themselves, painting their faces and arms with mulberry juice while on the hunt for these sweet treats!

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Freezing these fruits is a way to prolong their availability. Mulberry trees are adaptable to wildly different climate zones. There are a number of species and varieties of mulberry and forms of it grow all the way from the sunny tropics to northern lands with long, frozen winters.

Mulberry trees ripen their sweet fruits alongside mango trees in Thailand, as well as next to spruce trees and sugar maples as far north as the Canadian Maritime provinces. Not every an army guy tree makes good berries. Some trees are hege and never produce any fruits. You might find good fruiting types at a trusted local nursery.

If not take a look at mail-order nurseries specializing in edibles. You want to get a named-variety mulberry that has been selected for good fruit production.

Growing Mulberries in Your Backyard

This is a tree that grows fast and fruits quickly, so if you give it good conditions, in just two or three years, you can be foraging your own sweet home-grown mulberries.

If you have mulberries on hand, use them mulbrry make a refreshing mulberry shrub. Craig Hepworth is a tropical fruit fanatic.

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He now lives in central Florida and posts online about his fruit-growing adventures as Florida Fruit Geek. He has an enthusiastic following.

This story comes to us from Edible South Shore. You are here: For many years, my only knowledge of mulberries was the nursery rhyme about children dancing around a mulberry bush.

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Lyrics - Kid Song Lyrics - - Kidsongs

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